Smart, Opinionated and Imperfect


I want to show the world that I don’t have to imitate Margaret Thatcher (talk about being gristle) to be the head of a first world nation…

I want to see “Joy” embody, as a woman of influence, a woman of change, a woman of impact- what women of my generation strive to make possible: the idea that I can be smart, opinionated and imperfect (and married to a guy who is smart, opinionated and imperfect) as well as have a family and an emotional life when in position of great responsibility.

All I need to do is, STAND MY GROUND, keep fighting even after everybody tells me to sit down and shut up or relax. 

I am not just in this race of life to show that a woman can do it- No- I am in it to WIN, and win I will! I will not just be distinguished, I will be distinguishable.

July 2009


p.s. I don’t know if I got all or some of these words from the excerpt of a book! During my good ol’ fashioned writing days, I found that I got inspired by words I read in books, wrote them out BUT did not write my source down 😦 i’m sure Google will help me with some.

your Thoughts?

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