On Disappointment, Hope and Belief


Some few hours into 2015, I was reflecting… grateful to God for life. It’s been a hellava journey- 2014 I mean- and it almost seemed like nothing changed in my life… except for my marital status.

I read people’s status on several social media platforms- they were sharing about how 2014 had been so good to them and it almost made me depressed. I didn’t seem to have plenty good stories to share.

Don’t get me wrong- I’m not ungrateful- I’m indeed thankful that I am alive and well. It’s just that, in the past with each new year that I was going to enter into, I excitedly entered into that year with expectation- that that year would be my year of breakthrough- especially in my career and financially, the year that my business will do well, the year that I can achieve my my most important goal- to finally afford to be with my son and have him come live with me permanently, the year that I will look back and I would see how deliriously happy I was…2014 has come and gone and I look back and I’m sad. I haven’t achieved much especially my most important goal hasn’t been fulfilled yet…

Regardless and again with conviction and belief and so much hope in my heart, I take my pen and paper, sit down and set goals, measurable goals and now I look forward to 2015 and say again despite my failures in 2014- THIS YEAR 2015, IS GOING TO BE MY BEST YEAR EVER!



your Thoughts?

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