One day. Maybe.

One day maybe you’ll ask me to stay 
a little longer when I tell you, I have to go…

One day maybe you’ll call me on the phone
and tell me you miss me, and ask to see me…

One day maybe you’ll ask me out
for a cup of coffee, a movie or just go sit in the park…

One day maybe you’ll take my hand
slide your fingers through mine, just because…

One day maybe you’ll kiss me, look into my eyes
and tell me that I’m the best thing that has ever happened to you…

One day. 




    1. Aww thanks @Lifetitudes. I didn’t even think it was a poem! I’ve had problems writing and I read a blog post from Ronovan writes- He said write and write anything and everything and one day I’ll find my voice so maybe the more I write then maybe one day, maybe, I would be able to write real poetry and longer! Who knows maybe someday I can add to this and make it longer! Thanks for stopping by!



      1. Your words are music to my ears. Thank you so much. Make we dey roll dey go. If you don’t mind i’ll like to feature your “longer poem” whenever you write it on Lifetitudes.


      2. Ah! This one you have said now is #jazzrockandrollrnb all join to my ears. Abeg take any one you like abi you want me to give you one special? You say poem, me I am just writing o!


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