I’ve Got This Baby, I Certainly Have!

curve balls. hard knocks. tears. challenges. despair. heartbreak. sadness. failure. misery. despondency. weakness. death…

success. winning. laughter. victory. joy. love. happiness. success. ecstasy. jubilation. strength. birth…

dream. passion. talent. doubt. believing. disappointment. hard-work. failing again. hope. getting up. faith. focus. not giving up. making it happen.


I can feel it in my bones. Oh God! I’m so excited, heart beating fast, toes tingling, eyelids twitching, ear burning, contractions coming stronger.

Almost here! Almost here! Almost here!

I’ve Got This. I’m Not Giving Up. I’m Going to Keep On Pushing. 

Just a little while longer 🙂



your Thoughts?

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