I Never Left

i thot. i’d never see the day.
the day. the sun. turned blue.
the clouds. dark.
and the heavens. began to weep.
lightning. coursing through the sky.
shocking the earth to reality.
the roar of the thunder. screaming. deafening. almost… almost. as if. in pain.

fear. gripping. loneliness. aching. helpless. hopeless. darkness.

just when it seemed like the world was coming to an end.
bleakness. dead. stillness. quietness.

the sky opens. first a trickle of light.

spreading. touching. feeling. soothing. warmth spread like joy. peace.

the earth still. scared. not knowing. huddled.
afraid. afraid to embrace. to look. to experience.

then it came.
the still. soft. silent. voice. saying. softly embracing. smiling.
I’m still here.
I never left.



  1. I Never Left is an excellent example of what writing from the heart should be like. I think that you totally covered that so well, there’s no room for bad comments. (I know i’m lying,but that’s how i feel)



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