It’s been a while I really wrote, before I discovered blogging and the pressure of writing and crafting words to suit an audience. I used to really enjoy buying journals and writing, good old fashion writing with a pen- When I was happy, depressed, sad, ecstatic, loving, not loving, heartbroken, in love…I wrote! And boy did I write- not for an audience but just for me! Over the years I seem to have lost that thing…the writing thing, just for writing sake.

Life has taken me through ups and downs, bad and good times- I call these life experiences “Strange Places”, because every experience had been new, never been experienced before and I still find myself at these strange places! I have grown! I sure have. I go through my journals and I am like “what”?!

So, now, instead of writing in my physical journal, maybe I can be encouraged to write here and also sometimes type out what I had written in my journals over the years and maybe I would find that thing…that thing that makes me write with ease, to express myself, tell a story, encourage someone…maybe… just write- Just because.


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  1. Thanks for stopping my blog last week during Suzie’s blog party. That was my first blog party as well and it was a lot of fun. Hope your situation can become more settled and sorted out. We are always here to listen.

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