My past does not define me!

Your past is past, it has no life. Don’t allow people, anyone, drag you back or rub in your face what they think is your story. Don’t give them that space.

Don’t sit around while people think they can determine your life or write your story.

It’s time you sit down and set your priorities right, know where you’re going. You are somebody going somewhere. You know where you have been, but that’s not your story. You are a survivor! Decide today that you will write your story and that story is going to inspire and impact lots and lots of people. You will be able to stand tall, head high and say, “Look at me now! You didn’t break me, just look at me!”

God doesn’t call you by your shame, He calls you by your name- BELOVED!


…so far mine will be an extraordinary journey

Today, I woke up very depressed. I didn’t want to face the world with its disappointments, with my disappointments. It seemed everyone was moving but me.

Then I read the introduction in the book ‘Life-The American Journey of Barrack Obama’, and it said:

“Some lives are, no matter an observer’s political, philosophical or cultural orientation so in arguably and objectively fascinating that to gaze upon them- to see the twists and turns, the lucky breaks and hard knocks- is a riveting pleasure… Throughout these chapters there are, as this is life, the pictures, telling their own revealing and vibrant story…”

And in the next sentence, I wrote those words, inserting my name:

I will now copy and say:

“…Here, then, is ‘Joy Ezeka’– so far mine will be an extraordinary ‘Nigerian journey’… There will be future chapters…”

And has it been an extraordinary journey since June 30th, 2009? Mmmm….

It has…maybe not as extraordinary as I would like it to be- Moved to another country, got experience as an interior designer, lost my job, discovered a new career, started my own company, still live far away from my son- but- there are and will still be future amazing chapters and I’m looking forward reading them.