The Place Called Hope

The place called Hope.

I have no idea where it is but I’d never find out if I don’t start on this journey.

I have been so lost for a long time and it’s time I took that journey especially if I have any hope of finding hope!

I’m excited about going to Hope!


artwork by Zakari Atta

#faithactivated | What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger


For every failure I had encountered in my life, through each experience, I gained courage.  What didn’t kill me only made me stronger. I did not allow it to crush me (though many times I had come close to giving up).

It is possible to emerge from even the darkest hell healed and restored. You just have to believe. Activate that faith no matter how small.

#nevergiveup #keepgoing #faithactivated

I Never Left

i thot. i’d never see the day.
the day. the sun. turned blue.
the clouds. dark.
and the heavens. began to weep.
lightning. coursing through the sky.
shocking the earth to reality.
the roar of the thunder. screaming. deafening. almost… almost. as if. in pain.

fear. gripping. loneliness. aching. helpless. hopeless. darkness.

just when it seemed like the world was coming to an end.
bleakness. dead. stillness. quietness.

the sky opens. first a trickle of light.

spreading. touching. feeling. soothing. warmth spread like joy. peace.

the earth still. scared. not knowing. huddled.
afraid. afraid to embrace. to look. to experience.

then it came.
the still. soft. silent. voice. saying. softly embracing. smiling.
I’m still here.
I never left.

I’ve Got This Baby, I Certainly Have!

curve balls. hard knocks. tears. challenges. despair. heartbreak. sadness. failure. misery. despondency. weakness. death…

success. winning. laughter. victory. joy. love. happiness. success. ecstasy. jubilation. strength. birth…

dream. passion. talent. doubt. believing. disappointment. hard-work. failing again. hope. getting up. faith. focus. not giving up. making it happen.


I can feel it in my bones. Oh God! I’m so excited, heart beating fast, toes tingling, eyelids twitching, ear burning, contractions coming stronger.

Almost here! Almost here! Almost here!

I’ve Got This. I’m Not Giving Up. I’m Going to Keep On Pushing. 

Just a little while longer 🙂

things I MUST start doing


This month I would be a year older. Somehow it don’t seem like things have gotten better. Sometimes it also seems like when I take 1 step forward, life throws me a curve ball taking me 10 steps backwards. There’s a deep urge to give up, throw-in the towel and welcome that horrible darkness but it’s at those times that His still voice whispers, I’m here… I’m with you… Don’t give up now… you’re almost there…

I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel but I hold on to my mustard seed faith and stumble in the darkness, forging on…

I know the Restorer is at work…

The Potter is creating a masterpiece…

But you know what, when I look back, I am amazed at how far I have come! The valleys I have crossed, the mountains I have climbed and guess what? I am still in one piece- ALIVE and SMARTER! And I am not where I was 2 years ago, actually I’m in a much better place. So I’ve decided that from today, no matter what, I’m going to Pray hard, Praise wildly, be forever Grateful to Him who has kept me and is still keeping me, Serve with all my heart, Love with abandon, let go of my past and invite Peace in, feel ecstatically Joyful even when it don’t feel like there’s anything to be happy about but most importantly, to have strength to face each day as it comes, I am going to hold fiercely to Hope while keeping the Faith.

When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion, we were like them that dream. Then was our mouth filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing. -Psalm 126

image inspired by Mamma Winger

On Disappointment, Hope and Belief


Some few hours into 2015, I was reflecting… grateful to God for life. It’s been a hellava journey- 2014 I mean- and it almost seemed like nothing changed in my life… except for my marital status.

I read people’s status on several social media platforms- they were sharing about how 2014 had been so good to them and it almost made me depressed. I didn’t seem to have plenty good stories to share.

Don’t get me wrong- I’m not ungrateful- I’m indeed thankful that I am alive and well. It’s just that, in the past with each new year that I was going to enter into, I excitedly entered into that year with expectation- that that year would be my year of breakthrough- especially in my career and financially, the year that my business will do well, the year that I can achieve my my most important goal- to finally afford to be with my son and have him come live with me permanently, the year that I will look back and I would see how deliriously happy I was…2014 has come and gone and I look back and I’m sad. I haven’t achieved much especially my most important goal hasn’t been fulfilled yet…

Regardless and again with conviction and belief and so much hope in my heart, I take my pen and paper, sit down and set goals, measurable goals and now I look forward to 2015 and say again despite my failures in 2014- THIS YEAR 2015, IS GOING TO BE MY BEST YEAR EVER!